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Hello, my name is Molly, and over the years, I have invested in a lot of gold. I loved the way it was increasing in value, and I found it to feel like a comfortable investment during times that I wasn't feeling confident about cash. However, I also have had to learn to protect my gold. This blog explores everything I learned about protecting gold and other valuables. I plan to write and gather posts on choosing safes, installing safes, learning about waterproof storage, creating locks, storing keys and more. If you have gold or other valuables, please feel free to explore my blog on protecting gold and other valuables.

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Cabinet Locks: How Safe Are Your Confidential Documents?

Every business owner keeps confidential documents that are only meant for the eyes of few individuals within the office. In most instances, these documents are tucked away in a cabinet which comes with a locking system. However, have you ever stopped to think how much security is offered by the cabinet locks? Most cabinet manufacturers design locks which can be bypassed with simple such as lockpicks. Also, most cabinet locks can be opened using the same key, and this compromises the security of your documents. If you have paperwork that requires strict confidentiality, it is essential to follow the following tips to ensure that your cabinet locks offer maximum security.

Choose quality locks

Just because your cabinets come with simple bolts with poor-quality, breakable material doesn't mean that you should settle. Consider replacing them with quality locks that are made of robust metal. Even though these locks are usually small, it is possible to get locks that cannot easily be bumped or picked using simple tools. Ask a locksmith to replace the locks with quality, high-security ones that are made from steel alloys or any other sturdy metals that are hard to manipulate.

Layer your cabinet security

Layering your security makes it extremely hard for any unauthorized persons to access your cabinets and confidential documents. This can be achieved through several ways. First, you can install cabinet bars which are robust attachments that are mounted on the cabinet. These work to improve the security that's offered by the locking system. Another measure you can take is to invest in access control systems (ACS) that limit the number of people who access the cabinets. Access control systems require users to validate their credentials before accessing the cabinets.

Secure your office door

Your cabinets are only as secure as your office door. If you don't have a high-security locking system for the door, malicious individuals can break into the office during off-hours and access your documents. To avoid this, ensure that the entry is secured with a high-quality locking system. Set up an access control system for the front door and install 24-hour surveillance as well. This kind of security will deter would-be criminals and employees from accessing your office without authorization.

Set up key control measures

It is useless to set up security measures only to hand the cabinet keys to the wrong hands. Make sure that only authorized individuals have the keys to your office cabinets. Avoid using the same keys for numerous cabinets in the office. Do not leave the keys lying around as someone with an evil motive can easily duplicate them. If you lose the keys to your cabinet locks, contact a locksmith so that he can rekey or replace the locks.

To increase your cabinets' security whenever your business hours are, contact a 24/7 locksmith near you.