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Hello, my name is Molly, and over the years, I have invested in a lot of gold. I loved the way it was increasing in value, and I found it to feel like a comfortable investment during times that I wasn't feeling confident about cash. However, I also have had to learn to protect my gold. This blog explores everything I learned about protecting gold and other valuables. I plan to write and gather posts on choosing safes, installing safes, learning about waterproof storage, creating locks, storing keys and more. If you have gold or other valuables, please feel free to explore my blog on protecting gold and other valuables.

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5 Benefits of Electronic Access Control Systems for Businesses

In the past, businesses relied on traditional locks and keys to keep their premises secure. However, advancing technology has provided business owners with far more options to control who has physical access to their buildings and grounds. If you are still using old-fashioned metal keys and locks, here are a few reasons to consider upgrading to an electronic access control system.

1. You Don't Have to Worry About Losing Your Keys

Lost keys can be a serious headache for businesses that use traditional mechanical locks and keys. When an employee loses a key, not only is that person locked out of their place of work, but whoever finds the key may be able to gain unauthorized access.

To combat this risk, a business using mechanical locks would need to call out a locksmith to change the locks and issue a new key to every worker. In contrast, when you have an electronic access control system in place, you can simply deactivate the lost key card or digitally update the lock to make it secure again.

2. You Can Track Key Cards

Some high-security electronic access control systems provide key cards that are equipped with GPS sensors. This technology allows system administrators to track the locations of the key cards, which could make lost keys a thing of the past.

3. You Can Control Your Keys

When you use traditional metal keys and locks, it is difficult to prevent employees making spare copies of the keys, which could put the security of your business property at risk. Electronic access control system key cards are designed to be extremely difficult to copy, which means you always know how many keys exist.

4. They Can Lower Costs Over the Long Term

Although upgrading your building security system requires an upfront investment, the costs over the long term could be much lower. You could save money on locksmith callout fees, leaving more space in your budget to pursue other business goals.

5. They Provide Convenient Access for Employees

If your employees frequently need to move between different controlled areas, consider investing in anaccess control system that features a proximity sensor. Access control systems with this feature can detect when an access card is nearby and open the door automatically, which means employees do not have to search their pockets and bags for the right key to open the door. Over the years, these small time savings can add up to greater productivity and reduce everyday sources of frustration for your employees.