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Hello, my name is Molly, and over the years, I have invested in a lot of gold. I loved the way it was increasing in value, and I found it to feel like a comfortable investment during times that I wasn't feeling confident about cash. However, I also have had to learn to protect my gold. This blog explores everything I learned about protecting gold and other valuables. I plan to write and gather posts on choosing safes, installing safes, learning about waterproof storage, creating locks, storing keys and more. If you have gold or other valuables, please feel free to explore my blog on protecting gold and other valuables.

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How Long Will Your Lock Installation Take?

Locked out? Need to break into your own premises and have the locks changed? Perhaps a former employee, lover, or even once close relation needs to be kept out. Many people have gone through such periods and even more when they felt that they seriously needed a new lock installation. The only thing is most people often hesitate when they think about how much time this would take. As a result, they often forgo this option and take chances. If you move into a new home, it is especially crucial to have your locks changed—you may never know who has a set of the old keys! The truth is lock installation is a relatively easy procedure that should not worry anyone. Here is what you need to know about installing a new lock.

Door type

This is an obvious consideration; the type of door you have will determine how much time it takes to install a lock. Irrespective of lock type, a steel door would probably require much more work than a wooden door. Most residential homes use wooden doors, but in the event of that steel door, it may take a few more minutes to drill holes and install the new lock. When asking for lock installation, always tell the locksmith in advance what type of material your door is made of.

Types of locks

If you simply want a basic knob latch lock installed, it would take fairly few minutes to install. If, however, you want the knob re-enforced with a deadbolt—which is a very good security measure—the installation will take longer. Deadbolts offer more security because they are tougher and can withstand more weight. The number of your said locks will also reflect on the time.

Door condition

Finally, you should know that replacing locks wouldn't take much time, especially if your door already had the holes drilled. This would merely require the locksmith to arrive with the replacement locks and try fitting them in the current holes or adjusting the holes for fitting. It is not always necessary to drill new holes when installing new locks. If there is considerable damage to your door, or the latching holes, however, the locksmith may need to fix the damage and drill new holes for the new locks. When everything is finally done, you will find that calling a locksmith for lock installation when you are locked out is a far simpler and quicker solution requiring just a few minutes.